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developed and manufactured by crrc, guangdong qingyuan maglev tourist line started trial operation. the train of this line adopts the new generation medium and low-speed maglev train platform as well as the constant conductive electromagnetic levitation technology and the vehicle-mounted short stator linear motor traction technology, and has a maximum operating speed of 120km/h.

the train consists of three cars, and can operate in the mode of “3 3” mixed cars. the shoegear is on the side of the train. the maximum capacity is 500 passengers. the tourist line is equipped with a suspension control redundancy system and a self-traction feature so that it can run at low speed through the battery even without high voltage.

the tourist line features low operating noise and vibration. it has the advantages of environmental friendliness, safety, small turning radius, strong gradeability, low construction cost, short cycle and small footprint, suitable for connecting urban areas, cities close to each other, and tourist attractions. after it is put into operation, while satisfying the diverse traveling needs of passengers and improving their experience and sense of fulfilment and happiness, the line will further increase the tourist collection and distribution capacity of the chimelong tourist resort and that between guangzhou and qingyuan, expand urban development space, and drive the development of tourism economy in the region.