10mw crrc’s first 10mw onshore wind turbine completed hoisting-澳门新葡游戏网

form: 25/02/2024 browse number:120

recently, the 10mwd230 onshore large power wind turbine developed independently by crrc completed hoisting. it is an important model launched for the “desert and gobi” wind power base project, marking a new milestone in the research and development of onshore wind turbines in china.

the swept area of the wind turbine can reach 41,547 square meters. its modularized design maximizes its applications to satisfy the needs for different wind resources. the low-speed shaft integrated main transmission system ensures reliability and stability; the super compact design improves transportation convenience, and the split transportation and hoisting reduce transportation and installation costs. furthermore, the long flexible blades designed for the base markets, in combination with the advanced integrated simulation design based on aerodynamic principles, enable the turbine to maintain an efficient and stable operating state under various wind conditions. in addition, the intelligent monitoring and diagnostics system based on the big data model represents a technological breakthrough in the comprehensive monitoring of super large wind power units.

it is estimated that the power generating capacity of the 10mwd230 power turbine increases by 14.3% compared with the 8mw , which is expected to contribute 33.91 million kwh clean electricity annually, satisfying the annual need for electricity of 14,520 families.