china’s first c train for inner-澳门新葡游戏网

form: 25/12/2023 browse number:445

the first train for shanghai rail transit city-airport connection line rolled off the line at crrc. this is china’s first c train for inner-city railways. the train successfully integrates the high-speed train technology and the operation mode of urban rail transit, and has broad application prospects in the yangtze river delta area and even in the country’s inner-city railways.

the train has a maximum operating speed of 160km/h, and features intelligence and advancement, safety and comfort, public transportation operation mode, and a good look. the train adopts the same length for the head carriage and the middle carriages for the first time in china, enabling multiple operational modes to run in parallel. meanwhile, the train meets the collision safety requirement of 25km/h. its body structure adopts the technology platform of the fuxing high-speed train, and meets the strength standard of high-speed trains.

after the project is completed, the traveling time between hongqiao and pudong, the two comprehensive transportation hubs, will be shortened to about 40 minutes. at the same, transfer to multiple existing rail transit lines and those under construction becomes possible, making it convenient for residents and passengers along the line to travel, and further serving city clusters in the yangtze river delta.