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chairman's address

welcome to crrc website! thank you for your attention and support to crrc!

crrc was merged and established by cnr and csr. it inherited the excellent culture of cnr and csr, inherited the centennial accumulation of china's rail transit equipment manufacturing industry, and carried the dream of china's high-speed rail to the world. on june 8, 2015, crrc was successfully listed on shanghai stock exchange and hong kong stock exchange. the establishment of crrc is an important measure for china's rail transit equipment industry to enhance its core competitiveness and build a world-class multinational enterprise. it is an important milestone in the development of rail transit in china and even the world, and opens a new journey of internationalization of china's rail transit equipment.

crrc adheres to independent innovation, open innovation and collaborative innovation. it has a world leading r & d and manufacturing platform for rail transit equipment. its products such as high-speed emus, high-power locomotives, railway freight cars and urban rail vehicles have fully reached the world advanced level, and can adapt to various complex climatic and environmental conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high cold and sandstorm, as well as diversified individual needs, it is one of the enterprises in the global rail transit industry to achieve full coverage of product types. at present, crrc's products have been exported to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, and have gradually changed from product export to technology export, capital export and global operation. the global operation network has basically taken shape.

starting point of china's china one belt, one road to the new opportunities and challenges, china's middle east will continue to uphold the ideals of revitalizing the national industry and make the best of the central enterprises. we will take the opportunity of the "one belt and one road" and "china made 2025" to build global resources, integrate global resources and integrate international production capacity with global vision, industry development and open mind. vigorously promote business model innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, improve business quality, comprehensively build a global leading and multinational high-end equipment system solution supplier, promote china's high-end equipment to the world, and repay shareholders and society with excellent performance.

sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life will continue to pay attention to and support crrc! we will sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society to move forward hand in hand and jointly create a better future!